Milkshake Cocktails Direct Colour Whipped Cream
milkshake cocktail direct whipped cream

A direct colour cocktail is a delicate temporary coloring treatment to revive color without modifying the hair’s structure.  Light and efficient, it enhances color and prolongs its duration, for nourished, shiny, healthy hair 

Each application lasts for approximately 8-10 washes but this may vary according to hair type, the general health and condition of your hair, and the setting time 

With milk proteins, organic argan oil, cocoa butter, Integrity 41®, selected hydrating and conditioning agents, it’s completely ammonia-free and doesn’t need oxidising, with a very delicate and natural action 


• Decorate the glass with approx. 3-5ml of your chosen milk_shake® direct colour shade. 

• Fill the glass with approx. 5ml of milk_shake® whipped cream. 

• Add more milk_shake® direct colour for a total of approx. 15 ml. 

• Use the mixing stick to blend the ingredients and obtain an even mix. 


• Wear protective gloves, apply the mix to damp, clean hair, with delicate and pleasant gestures. • Leave in for approx. 10 minutes. If using on bleached or white hair, reduce the setting time. • Soften with water, then rinse. 

• Proceed with the necessary leave in treatment and/or desired styling. 


Please note the treatment does not lighten hair

The perfect combination of our best selling Whipped Cream and Direct Colour

milkshake cocktail direct whipped cream
milkshake cocktail direct whipped cream